Thursday, 15 October 2015

Snag Golf and National Earthquake Drill


Today the year 8's had kiwisports, the sport for this term was Snag Golf (Starting new @ golf) and our instructor was Huge, it was a great experience for me because I didn't know what snag golf was until today. We also had a national earthquake drill today at 9:15, the whole of New Zealand participate in this event. Here is a little tip: if a earthquake happens in your area go to a open space if you're outside, then DROP COVER. Well let's talk about snag golf now, when we started we had to get into 3 or 4 groups to start, I was with Brooklyn and Etai.

We had a target that we had to get which is right in the middle it was hard when I was tried to get it in the middle but then Nek minute 3 in a row, I was so overflowed with joy but I lied already knew it was gonna go in the middle. Then suddenly we had to move the target are little bit back, then Hugh (The instructor) said "Now you have to try and throw the ball at the right pace, to make the ball stop right in the hula hoop." 
Here is a video down bottom to show you about our Kiwisport, Snag Golf.
SNAG GOLF from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

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